Quarantine setting and administration

If an infected or suspicious object is moved to the Quarantine (which can be determined in the setting of the On-Access Scanner or the On-Demand Scanner ), you can find this object on this tab. Quarantined objects are stored in a special format and therefore do not represent any danger for the computer.

Implicitly, the Quarantine content is not loaded immediately after the software launching. It is necessary to use the Refresh button to load its content. This behaviour has been changed because of the situation when the quarantine contains many files.

This information about infected files stored in the Quarantine is displayed:

  • File name - the name of the file before moving to the Quarantine.
  • Date and time - when the file was quarantined.
  • Original location - the file location right before quarantining.

The next actions can be done with the infected files in Quarantine:

  • Clear - all objects in the Quarantine will be deleted forever.
  • Refresh - the content of the Quarantine will be loaded from the quarantine on the disk.
  • Restore - the selected object will be moved to its original location in the same condition as before quarantining.
  • Delete - the selected object will be deleted from the Quarantine, the file will be deleted forever.
  • Details - all details about the infection and quarantining will be displayed.

If original folder doesn't already exist, new target directory has to be selected for correct file restoring.

The Quarantine is implicitly located in the quarantine directory in the installation directory. You can change this location to any existing directory by clicking on the blue folder icon.

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