Scheduler - setting parameters of running task

You can change the task setting by double click on a proper line on the task list or by the Properies button.


  • Task name - name of the task chosen by user (e.g. "d disk scanning")
  • Command - what area (disks/folders/..) is scanned.
    You can select scanning of registries, all removable disks, all local disks, all disks or defined your own target (disk/folder/..). If you select the "user defined parameters" option you can specified the scanning properties by the run parameters.
  • Priority - the scanning priority to the other proceses
  • Additional parameters - you can edit this if the user defined parameters or user defined target is selected. If you want to learn more about the parameters go to the Command line parameters page.
  • Comments - user can type details about the task

The tasks are launched autoamtically according to the start time and the time period:

  • Start date and time - when the task is started for the first time. Default start time is the time of the new task creation.
  • End date and time - if the unlimited option is enabled (default setting) the scanning is not interupted. Otherwise the running task is stoped at that time automatically.
  • Run parameters - defines the time period of the task launching. Once a day is the default setting.

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