On-Demand parameters - Executing from the command line

The antivirus software can be configured with parameters. You can execute the AVC.EXE or AVCC.EXE file from the command line with parameters. If you execute the AVCC.EXE without any parameter, available parameters will be displayed.

Detailed parameters description:

Each command and switch must be preceded by the switch symbol, which is dash '-' or slash '/'. In the following list there are all command line parameters supported by the AVC.EXE and AVCC.EXE applications.

-? or -h Display command line parameters help - displays all available command line functions.
-b Scan boot sectors - scans all the hardware with boot sectors.
-x Stop scanning when an infection found - activity of antivirus scanning will be terminated at the moment of detecting infection.
-q Quiet mode - the antivirus program will run in so-called silent mode, i.e. without any output information.
-s Scan subdirectories - the selected directory will be scanned together with its subdirectories.
[folder] Scan specified folder - the selected directory will be scanned without subdirectories. Attention, if there are blank spaces in the path, it is necessary to insert the path into quotes.
AVC.exe "C:\Program Files\"
AVCC.exe "C:\Program Files\"
[file] Scan specified file . Attention, if there are blank spaces in the path, it is necessary to insert the path into quotes.
AVC.exe "C:\Documents and Settings\Jirka\My Documents\smlouva.doc"
AVCC.exe "C:\Documents and Settings\Jirka\My Documents\smlouva.doc"
-ad Scan all disks - all disks including network disks will be scanned.
-adl Scan all local disks - all local disks will be scanned.
-adr Scan all removable media - all removable media will be scanned.
-rs This option is enabled only in console mode together with option -q , when the output information is reduced only to the name of the found infection.
AVCC.exe -rs -q file.exe
-l=x Log level - sets the log verbosity level by number x from 0 to 2 with the following meaning:
  • 0 ... silent mode,
  • 1 ... normal mode and
  • 2 ... verbose mode.
AVC.exe -l=2 -ad
AVCC.exe -l=2 -ad
-c="file" Read configuration from specified XML file - loads the configuration from an XML file.
-cs="file" Read config from specified XML file and save it - loads and saves the configuration from/to an XML file.
-r="file" Write the scanning report to the specified XML file - writes the scanning report to an XML file.
-tl="file" Read targets to be scanned from the specified file - loads scanning targets from an external text file. This file must include a list of targets (i.e. paths to objects on the local drive or on LAN you want to scan). Each target must be on a new line. Usable for example in need of scanning more objects than is limit of command line.
AVC.exe -tl="setting.lst"
AVCC.exe -tl="setting.lst"
-le Display list of installed engines and their definition files - displays the list of installed antivirus engines and antiviral signatures files.
-ns No statistics will be shown - using this switch will cause that no statistics will be displayed after the scanning has finished.
-man Open the Antivirus User's Guide and display selected topics.
page the page name (for example faq.htm) that is to be opened. If this parameter is not specified, the application will open the user's guide contents.

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