On-Demand Scanner

The On-Demand Scanner is used for scanning viruses and other malicious codes in the selected directory on the hard disks or removable media. It can be executed from the Start menu , shell context menu or through the quick launch .

If the On-Demand Scanning is running, an information window with some details is displayed. There are scanning statistics displayed on the Statistics tab (number of scanned, infected, repaired, renamed and deleted files or boot sectors).

On the Details tab you can see the detected infected files with their file path and the action which has been done.

You can whenever interrupt the Scanner by pressing the Pause button or terminate it by pressing the Cancel button. The paused scanning can be resumed by pressing Continue button (scanning will be continue from the point where it has been paused) or finished by pressing Cancel button.

When the scanning is finished, you can choose either Close or Display Report . Display Report leads to displaying the scanning report in an Internet browser with the basic information about the antivirus software and the scanning results.

If the scanner finds a virus , the program behaves according to the setting .

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