TrustPort Antivirus quick launch

The application running on the Windows status bar allows you to launch the most frequent functions of the TrustPort Antivirus easily and quickly. It allows the user to scan all the hard disks, removable media, selected target, to launch the update etc.

Quick launch is automatically set on when user logs in Windows. When you click on the quick launch icon, the following options will be displayed:

  • Scan hard disks executes the On-Demand Scanner of local and mapped network disks.
  • Scan removable media executes the On-Demand Scanner of removable media connected to the computer, such as CDs, external disks, ZIP drives, USB tokens etc.
  • Scan selected target executes the On-Demand Scanner of the selected directory.
  • Check for update immediately executes the antivirus program update , i.e. the newest known viruses will be inserted into the antivirus database. Use this function only in extraordinary cases, it is more advantageous to set the automatic database update in the Scheduler card.
  • Configure... allows you to execute the Configurator , which allows you to modify the program behaviour.
  • About... pops up a window with information about the Antivirus product.
  • Exit terminates and closes the quick launch application. If the program runs in the On-Access Scanning mode, the antivirus program is not terminated by closing the quick launch application.

If you have more TrustPort Software Solutions products installed on your computer, first menu for selecting the relevant product appears when you click the left or right mouse button on the quick launch icon. Then you can select any of the options above.

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