Using USB scanner

USB scanner is used to monitor the data that are transmitted to the USB drives. After inserting the USB drive into the computer, the autorun scanner is automatically triggered. A standard TrustPort antivirus tray icon is an indication that the program is running, and is only suspended if TrustPort Antivirus is already installed.

The tray menu of the USB scanner contains all the options available with a standard scanner installation, in addition an option to run the USB scanner in the background.

The background scanner window is very similar to the standard on demand window scanner. It shows the ongoing status and statistics of the USB scanner throughout the use of the inserted USB drive.

The files are monitored by the USB scanner as opposed to residential protection only in the case of their registration on to the disk. This means that an infected file can be run from the USB drive. It is therefore appropriate during the copy of data on a drive without the USB scanner to firstly request on demand scanning.

Scanner configuration, maintenance, and the use of engines does not vary from the current installation TrustPort Antivirus. The possibility of setting resident protection, planners and changing skin options are not accessible.

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