User Interface

The User Interface is divided into a few sections:

The number of displayed sections changes depending on which type of product is currently installed. TrustPort Total Protection includes following sections: Antivirus, Network, Tools and Updates.

All settings are configured in such a way that even common users are able to easily operate the product. For advanced users, Expert Settings are also available.

The top of the interface window displays information about the current state of computer protection. In the top right corner, it is possible to use buttons to display Help, information About the productincluding license information, and under General settings language can be changed or the product can be registered using a simple wizard.


In the Antivirus section, there is a colour highlighting the state of Real Time Protection. It can be easily changed by clicking on Enabled/Disabled. On Demand Scanning can be started by using the drop-down Scan for viruses, and by selecting the items which you wish to scan for viruses. Using the More functions drop-down menu, it is possible to display the quarantine content, display the report with last on-demand scan results, go through the logs with the list of last activities, and one can also create a USB Antivirus or BartPE Plugin. On the right there are statistics showing count of currently scanned files, and a list of detected infections including name of the last infected file.

Detailed settings of Real time Protection and On Demand Protection can be displayed by clicking on Configure.

In the case of Real Time Protection, it is possible to set which action the antivirus will perform when a virus infection is detected. One can also choose whether only programs and documents will be scanned or all of the files on the computer.

Similar settings are also available with the On-Demand Scan, however there is also an option which enables memory scanning before the start of the scanning itself.


In this part of interface, it is possible to activate or deactivate Web Browsing Protection, E-mail Protection and Parental Lock by clicking on Enabled/Disabled. Below, the current setting of Protection Against Hackers is displayed. It can be changed by clicking on this setting and choosing the required level of protection (Permit All Connections etc.). Using the More functions item, logs showing last activities can be displayed. On the right there is a statistic window displaying information about Total packets, including sent, received as well as those that are blocked.

In the Configure menu, there are items which can be used to configure E-mail protection, Parental Lock and Protection Against Hackers. In the case of E-mail protection, antispam scanning and scanning of incoming and outgoing e-mails for viruses can also be enabled.

Parental Lock enables one to select the level of web page blocking, also enables the manual adding of sites which will be blocked or always allowed. All of these settings are protected by a password.

In the Protection Against Hackers configuration, it is possible to allow connections for digitally signed programs, it is also possible to set whether the user will be asked to allow connections which have no rules applied to them.


By clicking on Create a new encrypted drive the Disk Protection Image Creation Wizard is opened. It enables the secure storing of files into encrypted drives. Any created drive can be mounted to the system using Mount and by selecting the required encrypted drive. By using Unmount all mounted drives can be easily unmounted. With the Wipe now feature, it is possible to securely remove all temporary files, history, and files containing sensitive information from your computer. By clicking on the Open CAR Manager a file manager is opened which is used for the creation of CAR archives and for other manipulation with these archives.

Through the Configure menu one can set which encrypted drive will be automatically mounted after system startup.


The Updates section contains information about the last update of virus definitions as well as the version of the product which is currently installed. Latest virus definitions can be downloaded by clicking on Update now and the latest program updates can be downloaded by clicking on Check now.

Automatic updates as well as their frequency can be enabled or disabled using the Configure menu.

The bottom of the window contains a button which is used to switch to Expert settings, where advanced users can change the product settings in more detail. If a trial version is being run, next to this button there is a link to the TrustPort company website where it is possible to buy the required product. By using the Close button the interface is terminated.

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