On-Access Scanner

It is an antivirus program utility that checks computer operations all the time and protects the computer from viruses attacks on-line. The On-Access Scanner is a name coming from the "DOS times" and even though it is not very suitable, it has survived in people's minds until now.

The On-Access Scanner of an antivirus software is sometimes called a "resident shield". By the resident shield we mean an antivirus software function that constantly monitors all the opened files, system folders and what you actually work with, at the system task in the background. If you have an infected file in the computer and you open it, the antivirus software by means of the resident shield alerts the virus presence in a certain file. What happens with such a file depends on the On-Access Scanner setting . What is alerted is just a notice, as resident shield has to react as fast as possible and cannot wait for the user's reaction.

The On-Access Scanner is often the last chance to detect a virus before executing in the main memory, which usually leads to the further spread.

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