On-Access Scanner settings

On the On-Access Scanner tab, you can modify settings for the scanner that is running in the background and protects your computer against virus infections. This scanner is the cornerstone of the protection of your computer and therefore it is necessary to have it activated all the time. The On-Access scanner status is displayed next to the quick launch icon on the Windows status bar. If it is enabled, the red shield icon is displayed, in the opposite case you will see the grey shield icon. The changes of the state of the On-Access scanner are indicated too - by a green mark on the blue shield icon when starting and by a red mark on the blue icon when stopping. Also the updating progress when downloading new virus definitions is shown on the status icon.

When you click on the On-Access Scanner status icon, a menu is displayed. If you are logged to an administrator account, you can switch on and switch off the On-Access Scanner from this menu. But when using this menu, you don't change whether the On-Access Scanner will be run on the system startup. This can be changed in the General settings of On-Access Scanner .

Settings of the On-Access Scanner is divided to two cards: General and Options .

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