On-Access Scanner - General settings

The On-Access scanner can be enabled or disabled here and its basic parameters are shown. You can also find here the basic statistic information about the On-Access scanner. Only a user with administrator rights is allowed to make any changes here!

Checking the Real-time virus protection indicates that on-line computer protection is on. Because of being a very important part of the computer protection, the actual status is also indicated by text Active or Stopped. If the On-Access scanner is active, "Scan files while reading" is checked too. We strongly recommend to have the On-Access scanner activated!

Any change of the On-Access Scanner status is indicated by the icon change on the Windows status bar and by showing the following picture with Antivirus theme, when activating the on-line protection:

You can enable/disable dispaying of this picture by the Show splash screen while starting option. This option will be active after restart of the computer.

When the On-Access scanner is enabled then every file is scanned at the time when it is being read from the hard disk and when it is being written to the hard disk. In other words: in the first case every file is scanned before processing and before it can cause any problems, if infected. In the second case every file is scanned every time it is being modified, changed or created, i.e. after it could be infected (because the virus attack is also a modification of current file or producing a new one).

The Scanning statistics window is displayed just to inform the user. It displays statistics related to the On-Access scanner from the moment of its execution. The numbers of scanned, infected, repaired, renamed, quarantined and deleted files (and boot sectors for the first three groups) are shown.

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