Mail Antivirus settings

On this page you can manage your Mail Antivirus settings.

By the Scan incoming emails check box you can enable/disable scanning for malicious codes in incoming emails and their attachments. Implicitly it is enabled and it is strongly recommended to have the Mail Antivirus always turned on. Warning! This option affects the monitoring of post in all used e-mail clients.


In this part you can edit the basic options of the Mail Antivirus.

  • All files - In case of selecting this option, all types of attachments will be scanned for viruses.
  • Selected files with following extensions - If you choose this option, only attachments with extensions specified in the list will be scanned.
  • Exclude files with following extensions - If you don't want to scan some attachment types, you can specify them in the list if you enable the check box.
  • Quarantine infected files - If this option is enabled (default setting), all infected emails and attachments will be moved to quarantine where you can handle them. In the other case all infected files will be deleted right away.

By clicking on the Advanced... button another window (shown on the picture below) will appear.

  • In the Add Header text box you can specify a header that will be added to an email in case of being infected.
  • The text specified in the Subject Modification will be put to the subject in front of the original text.
  • In the File Name item you can specify a name of a text file which will be attached to an email instead of an infected attachment.

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