Configuration of e-mail clients

Antivirus protection settings of email clients can be changed in this section. The list contains all supported email clients and next to each entry it is also stated if for this client support has been installed during the installation. For e-mail clients who have support installed, it is possible to choose if antivirus protection is to be used or not. Warning! To change the settings in this section administrator privileges are required!

Antivirus protection of the email client will occur only in the case if its usage is allowed. In the opposite case only a general scan of incoming post will occur and according to the settings in Mail Antivirus and Mail Antispam.

By default during the installation, support is installed for all e-mail clients that are supported by the operating system. As active are designated all e-mail clients who were selected before the completion of the installation TrustPort Antivirus product. Warning! If at least one email client uses TrustPort Antivirus for the scanning of post, it is always necessary to have active choices Enable antivirus mail protection and Enable antispam mail protection in settings E-mail Scanner! Otherwise, e-mail scanning will not work correctly!

The button Configure... will appear next to every supported e-mail client after it has been selected which enables advanced settings configuration of the client after its selection.

If support has not been installed for any particular e-mail client during the installation or the current version of e-mail client is not supported, it is not possible to scan emails with the help of TrustPort Antivirus.

For every e-mail client with active TrustPort Antivirus support, the following buttons are added to the tool bar:

  • Mark as spam... marks the selected message as spam. The e-mail message is automatically grouped into the antispam monitoring database as spam and the subject of the message is modified according to settings options Subject modifications.
  • Mark as not spam... cancels selected messages as spam. The e-mail message is automatically grouped into the antispam monitoring database as a message which is not spam and the string which marks spam is removed from the subject of the message.
  • Configure... enables settings e-mail scanner.

Warning! The buttons of all e-mail clients are added to all accessible task bar buttons, however only to some clients they are automatically added (Windows Mail is the only exception which does not have these buttons integrated yet). The buttons are very similar amongst e-mail clients, but not totally identical. It always depends on the settings of the actual e-mail client.

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