Advanced settings of e-mail clients

This dialog has the advanced settings of individual e-mail clients. However only some characteristics are supported only for some e-mail clients.

In Incoming e-mails it is possible to configure Requested action. The selected action will be activated with the infected incoming e-mail. It is possible to choose from the following actions:

  • Deliver infected... e-mail scanning will not be used and the email will be delivered without TrustPort Antivirus inteference. Warning! If you choose this option, you completely remove all incoming email scanning and settings Mail Antivirus will not be considered!
  • Delete infected e-mail... the infected e-mail will be automatically deleted, but it is still possible to restore it from the Delete items folder from the e-mail client.
  • Delete infected attachments... all infected attachments will be changed according to settings options Name of file Mail Antivirus and they will be placed into quarantine.

In Outgoing e-mails it is only possible to configure option Check. If this option is active, scanning of outgoing post occurs with the e-mail client.

Option Restore path contains the path to the directory where scanned e-mail messages are temporarily stored. After their scanning is completed they are automatically deleted. This directory will also contain files restored from quarantine. This option it is set to directory Restore in the installation directory of TrustPort Antivirus by default. Warning! This path is stored to a record during the saving process into quarantine, ie. if from that time there has been a change in directory for the file restoration, the original directory will be used!

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