Log settings

The Log is the antivirus software feature that enables gaining a detailed information about activities and tasks that were done. You can return to them and check them in order to check the computer or the antivirus software status. All the logged information is stored into files in the log directory in the installation directory.

On this page you can enable/disable the log by checking/unchecking the Enable log option. It is implicitly enabled.

If the log is enabled, it is important to set how detailed it should be. Use the Level of detail option. You can select one of three levels:

  • Low - no details will appear in log.
  • Medium - the log of the antivirus software activity will contain only the basic information of done actions. This is the default level of the log.
  • High - the log of the antivirus software will contain a detailed description of done actions.

The Log source options allows you to select which program functions you want to log information of. Here are these functions:

  • On-Access Scanner - events related to the On-Access Scanner are recorded into the avoas.log file.
  • On-Demand Scanner - events related to the On-Demand Scanner are recorded into the avods.log file.
  • Updater - events related to updating are recorded into the avupd.log file.
  • Antivirus System - events that are not related to any of the previous parts (e.g. scheduler) are recorded into the avsys.log file.

The Log files size limit option allows you to set the maximum log file size (in kilobytes). Events will be logged into this file . The default value is 1 000kB. In case of exceeding the predefined file size, it will be shortened by removing the oldest records.

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