The Log is the antivirus software feature that enables gaining a detailed information about activities and tasks that were done. You can return to them and check them in order to check the computer or the antivirus software status. All the logged information is stored into files in the log directory in the installation directory.

The list of logs of the selected scanning source is displayed on this page. You can choose from the following logging sources:

  • On-Demand Scanner
  • On-Access Scanner
  • Antivirus Updater
  • Antivirus System

For every log there is its time, process identification code, action code and plain text description of the event.

Three diferent colours are used to determine the event type. Logs of critical events are hightlighted by dark colour (e.g. a virus was not repeared). Pink colour is used for performed action (e.g. a file was quarantined). While colour is used for another information.

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