Scheduler - task administration

Thanks to the scheduler you can make the On-Demand scanner be launched automatically. Users can choose the scanned area (disks/folders/..), when the scanning starts and how often is the task performed.

If you want to scan a particular disk or folder regularly you can create a task by the New task.. button. Then the On-Demand scanner will be lauched automatically according to your setting.

For a new taks you can set the destination of scanning, date and time of the first start of the task, how often the task will be lauched and some more parameters. If you want to learn more about new task creatin go the Scheduler - Creating new task page of this guide.

There are no tasks for On-Demand Scanner when the TrustPort Antivirus is installed.

You can use the check box to enable/disable launching the task. All the created tasks are listed including:

  • Task Name
  • Next Run Time
  • Last Run Time
  • State - indicates if the task is running or not
  • Last Result - last action performed during on-demand scanning (includs the result code)
  • Creator - user creating the task

You can stop the running task by the Stop task button.

Properties of the not running tasks can be changed by double click on the proper line or by the Properties button. You can learn more about task properties setting on the Scheduler - setting parameters of running task page. By clicking on the Delete button you can delete a selected task.

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