Automatic update setting

This tab enables users to let the antivirus software check for update by itself. This ensures having the actual antiviral signatures, scanning engines etc.

The most important option on this page is the Enable engine update option. If it is not checked, the scheduler service is not active.

If you enable the scheduler, you need to set the desired period of the update checking. Intervals from the start date and time are used. It is necessary to ensure that the computer has a functional Internet connection at the moment of the update.

For setting the period you can select the combination of values and units. Values can be set to values between 1 and 32767. You can select the unit from the following options: minute, hour, day, week. If the scheduler is active, the period of one day is set implicitly. The start date and time are set to the installation date and time implicitly.

For completing setting of the scheduler it is necessary to check whether your personal firewall is configured correctly and the Internet connection is enabled. You can test it by running the update from the quick launch .

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