On-Demand Scanner - Console application

Sometimes it is necessary to be able to execute scanning in the console mode, which enables easier cooperation with other applications, allows you to execute the service using batch files, scheduled application executing and so on. For these reasons, application AVCC.EXE executable in console mode was created besides the On-Demand Scanner AVC.EXE running in graphic mode. Both applications can be configured with the same parameters .

Error levels, which can be returned from on-demand scanners:

List of error levels:

0 No infection, everything OK
1600 Infected/suspected object has been repaired/disinfected
1601 Infected/suspected object has been renamed
1602 Infected/suspected object has been moved to the quarantine
1603 Infected/suspected object has been deleted
1606 Computer requires a reboot to clean the infection
1610 Archive is password protected, so it couldn't be scanned
1611 Unsupported compression format
1612 Illegal structures in the scanned file
1613 Error parsing compressed file
1614 CRC checks do not match


-1602 AV engine has found a virus (some object is infected)
-1603 AV engine reports that the scanned object is suspected

Other errors:

-1610 No AV engine found => av cannot work
-1611 AV engine initialization has failed
-1612 AV engine integrity error
-1613 AV configuration error
-1614 AVMGMA communication error OR service is stopped
-1615 Antivirus Self-check failed

Cleaning errors:

-1620 Infected/suspected object couldn't be deleted
-1621 Infected/suspecetd object couldn't be renamed
-1622 Infected/suspected object couldn't be moved to the quarantine
-1623 Infected/suspected object couldn't be repaired/disinfected

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