Executing from the command line

The update module can be set from the command line with the use of parameters after the name of the AVUPDATER.EXE file.

You can also control the update module from the command line, if you write the name of the AVUPDATER.EXE file followed by parameters.

Detailed description of parameters:

Each command and switch must be preceded by the switch symbol, which is dash '-' or slash '/'. In the following list there are all command line parameters supported by the AVUPDATER.EXE utility.

-? or -h Command line parameters help - displays all the command line functions.
-q Start in the quiet mode - the update program will run in the so-called silent mode, i.e. without any output information.
-l=x Log level - sets the log verbosity level by the number x from 0 to 2 with the following meaning:
  • 0 ... silent mode,
  • 1 ... normal mode and
  • 2 ... verbose mode.
AVUPDATER.exe -l=2
-cfg=cfgfile.conf Read configuration from a file - loads the configuration from an external file.
-au Ask - Asks the user whether to start the update. In that case the user has a chance to make the Internet connection available.
ATTENTION! This option can be used only if the user is currently logged in Windows.
-man Opens the Antivirus User's Guide and displays the selected topic,
page the page name (for example faq.htm) that is to be opened. If this parameter is not specified, the antivirus will open the user's guide contents.
AVUPDATER.exe -man=news.htm

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