Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question: Why do I need to restart the computer after the installation?

Answer: For higher security of your computer it is better if the computer is restarted and the On-Access Scanner is loaded into the memory right after rebooting.

Question: The On-Access Scanner does not work after start. What shall I do?

Answer: Go to the Antivirus Settings and check if the On-Access Scanner is active. If not, activate it. Another possibility is that your license of this product has expired; in that case contact our technical support.

Question: When executing the On-Demand Scanner, a window announcing that I have a trial version pops up. Can I switch it off somehow?

Answer: No, this window cannot be switched off, but if you buy the full version of this software, this window will not appear.

Question: How often is the update needed?

Answer: It is recommended to perform the update every day, preferably using the scheduler. This way the update will be done automatically.

Question: When I launch the update, an alert that connection to a server failed is shown. What shall I do?

Answer: Check wheather your internet connection works (e.g. you can load the webpage in your web browser). In case it doesn't work, contact your internet service provider. If everything works fine, maybe there's a proxy server in your network and you haven't configured the updating correctly. Ask your network administrator what are the settings for connecting through your proxy server and fill it in the proxy server settings.

Question: After installing the TrustPort Antivirus several programs are freezing all the time. What's the problem?

Answer: It seems that you have overlooked the installation instructions and you have got one more antivirus product together with TrustPort Antivirus installed. When you uninstall the other product, everything should work fine.

Question: Why is it impossible to have the TrustPort Antivirus with some other antivirus software on a computer at the same time installed?

Answer: This is impossible because of the technical details of the solution of the On-Access Scanner. Any two antivirus programs can't be run simultaneously, so this is no special requirement of the TrustPort Antivirus.

Question: I've installed TrustPort Antivirus. It seems like my computer works slower then before. How is it possible?

Answer: One part of the antivirus solution is also the On-Access scanner. It means that this program runs in the background and checks for viruses all the data you are working with. Such a protection slightly slows down the computer, of course. For the highest performance while keeping resonable level of security, set the On-Access Scanner this way:

On the Options tab set scanning of Selected files with following extensions and switch off Use heuristic methods and Use virtual computer.

Question: What is the On-Demand Scanner good for, when the computer is guarded by the On-Access Scanner constantly?

Answer: In the On-Demand Scanner we use several advanced techniques to reveal viruses that can't be used in the On-Access Scanner because they are too time-consuming. Therefore the On-Demand Scanner is more effective. We recommend to use it e.g. for checking files downloaded from the Interent from a not very reliable source.

Question: What are logs good for?

Answer: Logs are records about all program activities. They are used mostly by system administrators. A regular user doesn't have to care about them.

Question: I recieved a licese key for the TrustPort Antivirus, what shall I do with it?

Answer: Click the right button on the quick launch icon in the right bottom corner of the screen and choose the Configure item in the antivirus menu. When a window opens, choose License keys on the left side. On the page that opens press the Register button. Find the file with the license key in a dialog and press Open. In the following dialog information about the license key is displayed. Finish the product registration by pressing the Import button. The changes aren't applied until you close all windows of the TrustPort Antivirus!

Question: The TrustPort Antivirus found a virus and moved the infected file to the quarantine, but I cannot find it there. What should I do with it?

Answer: You have probably opened the Administration. Click on the Refresh button and the quarantine content will be loaded from the disk. The quarantine content isn't automatically refreshing because of the situation when the quarantine contains many files.

Question: I cannot uncheck an engine in the engine list, what shall I do?

Answer: There are two situations what could happened. At first it is not possible to uncheck all the engines. In that situation your system wouldn't be protected by this antivirus software. If you want to stop the On-Access scanner, do it here. At second it isn't possible to work with the engine whose license has expired. In this case the whole engine record is disabled in the engine list and it is painted with gray color - see here.

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