Product overview and key features

The TrustPort Antivirus is an antivirus program that protects your computer from virus attacks and other malicious codes. It watches your computer continuously and prevents it from a virus infection. In case that your computer is attacked, it reveals the infected files before they can be executed and heals them. It also quarantines files so that they cannot do any harm. It enables you to configure all the components according to your demands.

  • Continuously watches your computer by the means of the On-Access Scanner.
  • Provides the on-demand scanning.
  • Offers the heuristic analysis function which enables the antivirus software to reveal new and unknown viruses as well.
  • Enables checking the activities of the suspicious objects by the means of the virtual computer functions which is effective for revealing new and unknown viruses.
  • Enables scanning archives (zip, arj, cab...).
  • It is suitable for scanning harddisks, mapped network disks and various removable media including modern flash disks.
  • Enables files scanning before reading and after writing, which protects them from malicious codes attacks.
  • Creates a detailed, well-arranged and fully compatible report of the scanning history.
  • Contains a safe region - quarantine where suspicious and infected files are put aside.
  • It is built on the base of four successful scanning engines - AVG, BitDefender.
  • Enables both scheduled automatic updates without user's intervention and the immediate on-demand update.
  • Enables setting more update servers and routing to another one in case of failure, without user's intervention.
  • It is integrated into both the shell context menu and the Windows status bar.
  • It is integrated into the Windows XP Security Center. The Security Center watches if the antivirus program is installed and checks if the On-Access Scanner is running and if your computer is secured against a virus infection or not. The Security Center automatically warns you if your antivirus definitions are not up-to-date.
  • Contains an Internet Scanner - a powerful utility which prevents your computer from getting infected from the network or through email communication and helps to isolate spam from solicited emails.

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