Frequently asked questions - FAQ

  • Can I open an archive stored on a non-writable media like a CD-ROM?
  • Yes, it is possible. But remember that it is not possible to modify this archive, in this case you will not be able to add files, delete files or modify an archive comment.
  • How can I change an archive's password?
  • Current version of TrustPort Archive Encryption does not support password changing on CAR and CPH files. If you need change the password then you have to extract the data from the archive and create a new archive with a new password. You will have to do the same with CPH files.
  • I have some archives made by previous version of TPE 1.0. Can I use them in this new version of TrustPort Archive Encryption? How is it with backward data compatibility?
  • New versions of TPE are backward compatible. It means that all archives and CPH files created by previous versions of TPE can be read by the new version. Format version of CAR and CPH files was improved in TPE 1.1. But TrustPort Archive Encryption 2.5 uses exactly the same format version of CAR and CPH.
    If you are using TrustPort Encryption version 1.0 please upgrade it to the latest version, which has many improvements.
  • What is the difference between CAR and CPH files?
  • CAR and CPH are two data formats supported by TrustPort Archive Encryption. The first one is a format for PCs and the latter for mobile devices using TrustPort Mobile Enryption software that is designed for Pocket PC and EPOC systems. Each of them is destinated for different method of files security. CAR archives are similar to other well known formats as ZIP, RAR, ARC and so on, but data in CAR archives is always encrypted using strong encryption algorithms and none is able to gain access to these files without a password. All files and folders are stored in one archive file and are compressed and encrypted. In comparison with this each CPH file contains only one encrypted file and doesn't use compression.
  • Why TPE enables packing SFX archives to ZIP format?
  • If you need for instance to send an e-mail with an attachement to your colleague in other office over the internet and don't want the file to be opened by anyone but your colleague, then we recommend you to use a CAR archive. But if you colleague doesn't have TPE installed on his computer to extract the received CAR archive, then you can add a self-extracting .EXE form to the CAR archive. If your company have installed an anti-virus system on the mail server then there could be problems with .EXE attachements, which could be automatically removed. To solve this problem TPE allows you to pack SFX archives to ZIP format that usually can pass thru this anti-virus protection without problems.