Product overview and key features


TrustPort Archive Encryption for PC is an unique archivation and encryption application for files and folders, developed by TrustPort, a.s., which provides secure on-demand encryption to protect user's data against unwanted disclosure. This application uses the strongest encryption/decryption algorithm available to protect confidential and personal information stored in any data storage.
This software can be also used for sending secured files to someone who does not have encryption software installed on his/her PC. The passphrase for decryption is in that case delivered on an independent way.
Files and directories are encrypted into .cph files and the passphrase is used as a base for the encryption key. Encrypted files in PDA are automatically associated with the TrustPort Archive Encryption application and decrypted when the passphrase is entered.

Key features

- Support most of Microsoft's operating systems (Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP and Vista).
- File encryption with possibilities of compression and secure original file deletion.
- Encrypted files format compatibility with PDA devices.
- Files and folders encryption to archives. TrustPort Archive Encryption uses strong algorithms. Files to decrypt can be selected from the archive. Files and directories can be encrypted into a self extracting .exe file, which can then be packed into a .zip file in order to pass through firewalls and antiviral gateways.
- Shell context menu integration (Files/Folders/Drives).
- Management of files stored in CAR archive.
- Viewing files from the archives with secure delete of temporary files after.
- The possibility of work with group of selected files (by the extension etc.) inside of archive.
- Transformation of the archives (CAR to self extract EXE or the other way).
- The possibility to use archive as installer (creating SFX archive that during its extraction creates temporary folder, places its content into it and launches defined file).
- Drag & Drop functions.
- Statistics in status line (number of selected files, size etc.)
- Context menu.
- The possibility to set Compression rate.