What's new

TrustPort Encryption 2010

  • OS Windows 7 support.
  • From this version language of the application can be changed.
  • Simplified interface operation in both the easy and advanced modes.

TrustPort Encryption 2009

  • Windows Vista support.
  • Application integrated into the TrustPort Centre launchable from the main panel in the System Tray .
  • Several bugs from previous versions repaired.
  • From this version the interface is divided into two operating modes - easy and advanced mode.
  • Added support for skins in the graphical interface.
  • License key registration wizard.
  • This version is available in the English, Czech, German, Spanish and Italian languages.
  • Expanded user manual.

TrustPort Archive Encryption 2.0

  • Possibility of view settings in CAR Manager (large icons, small icons, list etc.).
  • Viewing files from the archives with secure delete of temporary files after.
  • Creating new folder in archive.
  • The possibility of work with group of selected files (by the extension etc.) inside of archive.
  • Transformation of the archives (CAR to self extract EXE or the other way).
  • The possibility to use archive as installer (creating SFX archive that during its extraction creates temporary folder, places its content into it and launches defined file).
  • Drag & Drop functions.
  • Statistics in status line (number of selected files, size etc.).
  • Extended licensing for particular TPE functions.
  • Viewing more detail information about particular files in archive.
  • Context menu in CAR Manager.
  • The possibility to set Compression rate.
  • Improved shredding algorithm.
  • Displaying properties of CPH file.
  • Upgraded Total Commander plug-in.

TrustPort Encryption 1.1

  • TPE 1.1 installation contains new CAR archive file management utilities. These utilities are CAR Manager application and plug-in to Total Commander ver. 5.5 and above.
  • TPE 1.1 supports Rijndael encryption algorithm for SFX archives.
  • CAR archives format has been updated. TPE 1.1 uses format number 1.1 and it is backward compatible with format 1.0 used in TPE 1.0.
  • CAR archives support comments (public information) which can be inserted into CAR archives version 1.1.

Bug reports

If you find a bug in TrustPort Archive Encryption you can report it at one of the addresses mentioned here. Please provide the following information:
- an exact description of the bug (how can it be reproduced),
- version number of TrustPort Archive Encryption (see About box ),
- Windows version,
- hardware configuration of your PC (processor frequency and RAM)


CAR uses strong encryption algorithms. For real security use passwords with at least 8 characters and keep in mind that passwords are case sensitive. Do not use words of any language as passwords, it is better to choose a random combination of characters and digits. Remember that if you lose your password, you will be unable to retrieve the encrypted files, not even the CAR author is able to extract encrypted files. There is no backdoor in TrustPort Archive Encryption that could help to gain access to the encrypted data.