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TrustPort PC Security supports changing the look of its applications. The installation is supplied with two different skins: TrustPort and TrustPort Metal. If the user does not want to change the look of TrustPort products, then the default theme is selected which sets the display appearance of the application according to the current settings of the Windows operating system.

More skins can be downloaded from The use of different skins from this site is governed by the laws and terms of the authors of each skin, but in most cases their use is free for home users. The downloaded file needs to be added to the list of skins used by pressing the Import skin button. After confirming this dialogue, the file is extracted to the disk. Note: The skin file which is longer used can be deleted or moved without affecting functionality.

If you do not like any of the downloaded or default skins, they can easily be removed by pressing Remove skin. Warning! After removing the skin from the list, all files will also be removed from the disk.

By pressing Preview skin, will open a window which will give you an idea how the new skin will look.

By pressing Apply skin, immediately applies the appearance to all TrustPort products.

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