CAR Manager - Management of CAR archives

CAR Manager is main CAR archives management utility. It allows you to create new archives, open existing archives in CAR or SFX formats and convert between them, add files and folders to an existing archive, delete files and folders from the archive, view selected file in the archive and much more.

New CAR Manager Features

On CAR Manager's main window you will find some new useful features:

You can click on the different header blocks and sort the list according to that header block. The triangle that appears on the right side of the clicked block indicates an increase or decrease on the order (alphabetic, size,date, etc.) and you can invert this order clicking again on the same block header. When you sort files by some property that is the same on many files, these files will be automatically sorted by name.

If you right-click on the list header you will be able to select the information displayed on the list.

On the bottom of the window you can see the number of selected files and their size (not packed size) and also there are a red and a green light that indicates when the Manager is busy (red) or ready (green).

You have a navigation box where you can see the directory tree of the CAR archive.

In the File menu you can choose, among others, to view the file properties or View file. To enable this function you have to have the file viewer predefined, see Settings configuration . Add/Remove SFX. This option allows the user to simply add or remove the .EXE extension on any file without the need of decrypting it as in previous versions.

In the View menu you can find options to select the list view: small/large icons, simple, details and full row details, then the toolbar and status bar.

In the Options menu you can display the Configuration button.

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