Set-up configuration

You can edit the configuration of the TrustPort Archive Encryption. You can set-up Drag and Drop Properties for the CAR Manager window, choose between different compresion levels or set the default viewer for encrypted files.

Drag and Drop properties allows you to move files or folders automatically encrypting or decrypting them when you move them from and to encrypted archives.

When you want to view an enrypted archive you can select the file in the CAR Manager and click on the View file toolbar button or press F3 and CAR Manager will allow you to view the file using the selected viewer indicated in the Set-up configuration box.
When you open a file this way it will be extracted to a temporary folder and after closing it, the temporary file will be securely deleted from there, so no traces of the extracted file will remain in the computer.
The user can choose any viewer but TrustPort recomends the use of "Lister" viewer. (free download at ). If you want to set or change the viewer, click on the External viewer path in the Set-up configuration box and a new window will pop-up where you can browse for and select the desired viewer. Click OK and the chosen viewer will be used.

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