Create new archive (Encrypt archive)

The next step to manage a CAR archive after you run CAR manager is to create a new archive or open an existing one. For creating a new one you have to click on Create new archive toolbar button or select Create new archive menu item from the File menu or press CTRL+N key combination.

After any of them, the following window will open:

This window looks like standard Windows explorer window and has similar functions and controls. In the left pane is the directory's tree with disks and folders and in the right pane is the content of the selected disk or folder. You can browse your drives and network neighborhood and select a folder or drive that you want to include into the new archive. If you need to select multiple files and folders to be added to new archive's root then you have to use right pane because the left pane does not allow multiselection. When done press ENTER or click the OK button. TPE will ask you to type the new archive file's name and password and you can choose some additional archive creation options. See the following dialog window:

Select among the options (see Archive creation options ), type and confirm the password, choose an encryption algorithm and press OK .

TPE will start the archive creation process and after finishing it, an information box will appear. Click the OK button and TPE automatically opens the created archive file. Please note that in order to extract this archive TrustPort Archive Encryption must be installed, hence if you want to send an encrypted archive file to a computer where TrustPort Archive Encryption is not installed, you will have to check Create EXE archive box on the Encrypt Archive window, see - Archive creation options .

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