Files and folders selection

You can select some files and folders in different ways using CAR Manager through the options on the Edit menu or in the context menu displayed by right-clicking on any folder or file. These options allows the user to select all the files ( Select All item), unselect the files previously selected ( Unselect All item), and invert the current selection ( Invert Selection item).

The user also have the option of selecting or unselecting files by their extension ( Select group Unselect group items), i.e. you can select or unselect all the Word documents in a folder at once. If you choose to select or unselect groups, a new window will appear and you will be required to enter the file extension (i.e. *.exe , *.doc ...) you want to select/unselect.

This window will remember the file extensions you used to group even after closing and re-opening CAR Manager.

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