Open existing archive

To open a CAR archive file use the Open archive menu item on the File menu or simply press Open archive toolbar button or CTRL+ O key combination. TPE will show a standard browsing window where you can select the files for opening. After that TPE will ask you the file's password. Type it and press ENTER or click the OK button. TPE will verify the password and if it is valid, the archive file will be opened.

You could also open a CAR archive double-clicking on a CAR archive. If CAR Manager is not open when you double-click on a CAR archive, it will be lauched inmediately.
There can only be one CAR Manager application running at the same time, therefore if you try to open a CAR archive while the application is busy, a new window will be displayed showing that CAR Manager is busy and that the action cannot be executed at the moment.
CAR Manager must finish a task in order to start a new one.

Then you can go through the opened archive file, browse files and folders, extract files and folders, delete selected files and folders, add files and folders, test archive consistency, add or edit archive comment and display archive properties.

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