Extracting CAR archives (Decrypt Archive)

If you select an encrypted archive file (CAR or EXE archive) in the Windows Explorer or any other shell program, then the Decrypt item will appear in the context menu. When you click on it the following dialog box appears:

  • Select destination folder

    In this window you have to type a password and specify the destination folder where the archive will be decrypted to. In order to ease the navigation you can use the pane at the left side of the Decrypt Archive window. If you click on any folder or drive the selected name with its path will appear in the Extract files to folder address box and you will not be required to type the full path where you want to extract the archive's content to.

  • Create new destination folder

    If you want to extract an archive to a folder that currently does not exist then select the parent folder where the new folder should be created and add the name of the new one to the end of the line. TrustPort Archive Encryption creates this new folder at the beginning of the extraction process automatically.

  • Overwrite mode

    There are three different overwrite modes that specify what TrustPort Archive Encryption will do when it finds a file with the same name as the file that should be extracted from the archive.

    1. Ask before overwrite - option shows a warning dialog box and prompts you for overwriting the existing file,

    You can choose Yes and TrustPort Archive Encryption will overwrite this file, Yes to all causes that this file and all other files with the same names as the new ones will be overwritten, No skips this file and No to all causes that all found existing files will be skipped.

    2. Overwrite without prompt - option tells TrustPort Archive Encryption to overwrite all existing files with the same names without prompt.

    3. Skip existing files - causes that all of the existing files with the same names will be skipped.

Note: All non existing folders will be automatically created without prompting.

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