Create new archive

To create a new archive using the context menu, right-click on the desired file and select Encrypt Archive on the context menu. TPE will ask you to type the new archive file's name and password and you can choose some additional archive creation options. See the following dialog window:

Select among the options (see Archive creation options below), type and confirm the password, choose an encryption algorithm and press OK.

TPE will start the archive creation process and after finishing it, an information box will appear.

Please note that in order to extract this archive TrustPort Archive Encryption must be installed, hence if you want to send an encrypted archive file to a computer where TrustPort Archive Encryption is not installed, you will have to check Create EXE archive box on the Encrypt Archive window, see Archive creation options below.

Archive creation options

  • Move to archive option

    If you select this option then all selected files will be moved to the created archive file. It means that in the last step of the archivation procedure all original files will be securely deleted.

  • Create self-extraction (SFX) EXE archive

    To do this you need to check Create EXE archive option. In this case TrustPort Archive Encryption creates classic CAR archive file, but adds special self-extraction header to the archive file and renames it to the EXE extension. Self-extraction archives can be extracted by running them as normal Windows programs or by the same way as normal CAR archives.

  • Pack to ZIP archive

    Self extraction archives can be zipped into a ZIP file in order to better pass through firewalls and antiviral gateways. To do this select Pack to ZIP archive option.

  • Create Installer

    CAR SFX installer is a new feature in TrustPort Archive Encryption 2.0 that allows you to encrypt files into a self-extracting format.If you want to use SFX Installer you will must check the Create an EXE Archive box and then check the Create Installer box both in the Encrypt Archive window.

    The created encrypted file using CAR Installer will have an EXE extension, but when you open it, you will be asked for the password and if it is valid the file will inmediately open and be extracted to a temporary folder. You can use the file and after closing it, the file will be securely deleted from the temporary folder and no traces of the decrypted file will remain in the computer.

    If the file has any comment, it will be displayed automatically when the user opens the file.

    The option Add/Remove SFX on te Edit menu allows the user to simply add or remove the .EXE extension on any file without the need of decrypting it as in previous versions.

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