Packer configuration

CAR management plugin has to be configured properly in order to work correctly. The TPE installation procedure automatically install this plug-in to Total Commander, but if it is not installed at the moment you install TPE, then the plug-in will not be correctly registered. In this case you will have to register it manually. Don't worry, plug-in registration is very simple. This is a step-by-step procedure how to do it:

  • Run Total Commander and select Options on the Configuration menu.
  • Click on the Packer tab.
  • Press the Configure packer extension DLLs button and the following dialog window will appear:
  • In the upper right corner combo box type (or select if exist) CAR (without any dot or asterisk).
  • Click on the New type button and browse for CARWinCmd.wcx file that is located in the TrustPort Archive Encryption installation directory and click Open .
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Close configuration tabbed dialog window clicking on the OK button.

Done, you have just configured the CAR management plug-in to work with Total Commander. From this moment you should be able to use Total Commander to manage CAR archives.

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