Create new archive

In Total Commander select the files and/or folders that should be added to the new archive and press ALT+F5 or select Pack on the FilesM menu. The following window will open:

On this window you can set-up some properties. The most important option is the Move to archive option. If you select it then all files will be moved to the archive file. It means that after the archivation process the original files will be securely deleted.

Select CAR packer option on the right side of the window (If you don't have this option you have to configure the packer) and click OK.
If you click the Configure button, TPE's Set-up Options window will pop-up. There you can change the compression level of the archive.
Please note that the file/folder will be packed into the folder opened on the other pane of Total Commander, not into the one where the original file is unless you specify so.
You will be asked to type in and confirm a password and also you will have the option to choose the encryption algorithm.

When done, the new CAR file appears in the selected folder and you can open and manage it. See Open CAR archives .

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