Open an existing CAR archive

If you want to open an existing CAR archive you only need to locate this file and press ENTER or doubleclick left mouse button on this file. Total Commander recognizes that the file is a CAR archive and calls CAR management plug-in. You will be asked to type in the password, type it and click OK .

If the password is valid then Total Commander will open the CAR archive file and you will be able to manage it. CAR plug-in remembers the name and password of the last opened CAR archive file, so if you open the same archive file again without having tried to open another file before, then CAR plug-in will not ask you for the password again. If you want to force CAR plug-in to forget last entered password try to open another CAR archive file and at the password request window press ESC .
Total Commander's panes work independently, meaning that if you want to open the same CAR archive on both panes you will be asked twice to enter the password and if you want Total Commander to forget the password of two open archives you will have to do it on each pane.

Note: Total Commander plug-in interface does not expect password protected archives and if the password does not match or the user presses ESC , then it displays an error message. It does not mean that CAR archive file is damaged or something like this!

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