Change the repair settings in advanced mode

In advanced mode it is posibble to change the action that will be carried out by repairing. When you right-click on an item in the list, a context menu appears where you can select the action to make. In the "All files" view you can set also an errorless file or directory to be deleted.

When you change selected action for a demaged item, no data is deleted or repaired or any other action made at that moment. You just prepare settings for repair, which will be carried out as late as you start it.

When you set a directory to be deleted, new check in the background is performed excluding the content of that directory. Any of your changes won't get lost. Similarly when a directory is set to be deleted and you choose another action, the image is checked again including the content of that directory.

You can also select more list items at once. In the context menu there are then all possible actions but only actions that are common to all selected items are enabled.

If you are in the "Crosslinked groups" view and if you right-click on an item which is selected to be repaired, you get two more menu items for changing the repairing priority: Move up to higher priority and down to lower priority.

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