Different view modes in advanced mode

CheckImage offers you three different view modes

  • All errors

    In this basic view you can see all wrong items in one list. Each line contains the path of the wrong item, its size, errors (separated by comma) and method which will be used by repairing. You can sort the list by several columns by clicking on their header buttons.

  • Crosslinked groups

    Some files or directories in the image can be crosslinked together. See Description of error types in images for more details. On the left side of this view you can select which group of such together crosslinked items you want to see (you can eventually select the remaining that aren't crosslinked at all). On the right side there is a list of items you selected, which is very similar to that of "All errors" view. But there is one more column with information about priority by repairing and the items are sorted by this priority (you can't sort them by yourself). This priority is related just to items that are going to be repaired. You can change the priority , of course. Inreparable items are right at the bottom of the list.

  • All files

    This view is intended for browsing through the entire disk. It shows you not only the erroneous items but also the others. For simpler browsing there is a tree view on the left side showing the directory structure. Each directory has an icon indicating whether it contains any errors inside (eventually that the direcory is wrong itself)

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