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Page Configuration serves for configuration selection for all parts of the application. This configuration will be used in shredding process. You can set here the shredding method and the possibility to generate record file. The method is selected in the rolled menu. When the method is chosen, its description is shown below the list. This description contains the basic information about the method and how many passes of shredding will the file be overwritten. There are three default methods possible: quick method, method DoD and Peter Gutmannīs method.

Description of available methods:

Quick method Quick method is a very quick method for file shredding. It can be used with compressed logical disks. This method is not very safe because the data are overwritten only once. The pattern for overwriting works with the random numbers.
U.S. DoD method Standard U.S. DoD method is the default one for shredding. This method overwrites data on magnetic media seven times. The method is based on NSA document specified by number DoD 5220.22-M. The method has the medium rapidity and it is sufficiently safe.
Peter Gutmannīs Method Peter Gutmannīs Method is a very safe method but it is very slow - 35 overwriting cycles. It is a very effective method how to shred data on magnetic media.

Report setting:

Generate report If this option is selected, a file of reports will be created. The created report file contains information about time and date of the start and the finish of the shredding process, list of deleted files or folders and the list of shredded items. The name of currently logged user of the system Windows is also recorded.
Overwrite report file If you select this option, the program TrustPort DataShredder overwrites the report file before each start of shredding. If this option is not selected, TrustPort DataShredder adds new information about shredding process to the existing report file.
Ask for report file name before wiping Select this option if you wish before each shredding to choose, eventually create a report file. If this option is not selected, the predefined report file will be used.

If you wish to use the predefined report file, you have to choose it, eventually create in window Open that is displayed after clicking on directory icon that is placed on the right side on the bottom next to "Use this file name:". If you do not enter your own suffix during the entering the name then the default suffix will be appointed to it ".rpt". The same window will be displayed when the shredding is started with the option "Ask for the name of the report file before shredding".

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