TrustPort DataShredder

TrustPort DataShredder lets you delete your files and folders securely and delete some system parts which can contain private data (not encrypted) in readable format such as cookies, temporary files, history records, recycle bin etc.

This Manager allows you to set all the TrustPort DataShredder software options that influence its behavior somehow. Operation is possible in both Easy and Advanced Modes.

  • Advanced Mode

    Serves for operation for users with advanced knowledge. In this interface it is possible to configure all configuration items. Operation is divided into the following sections:

    • Configuration - Setting of TrustPort DataShredder options. These options are wiping method, creating report file etc.
    • Wipe Now - You can shred some system parts. It is possible to shred internet temporary files, cookies, system temporary directory, Recycle Bin, internet history, run history and document history.
    • Panic Shredding - This Pages servers for safe shredding of user selected files and directories.

    If the TrustPort DataShredder application is not licensed, then instead the main welcome display (see the picture above) are displayed information saying that TrustPort DataShredder application is not licensed see picture below. If the application is not licensed, it is not possible to change the program settings nor shred the temporary files, system directories and history.

    You can reach individual settings pages from the tree-like list on the left side of the window. After clicking on one of the configuration sections, the corresponding page is displayed in the right part of the window. Another way to navigate to the configuration section is to click on the respective link on the start page.

    Every configuration change must be confirmed by pressing Apply in order to take effect!

    In the bottom section of the interface, two buttons can be found. In the bottom left corner the button Help can be found which after it has been clicked displays a window with a hint to the given configuration page. The hint will be displayed in the internet browser. By clicking on Easy Mode switches the mode to the default easy mode.

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