TrustPort DataShredder - Wipe Now

The page Wipe Now serves for temporary files, system directories and history discard. By selecting the relevant items you can easily mark the temporary files, directories or history that you want to shred. After clicking the button Shred, TrustPort DataShredder shreds the specified items.

Internet Temporary Files
If you choose this item, TrustPort DataShredder application shreds the content of Temporary Internet Files. Your internet browser uses the Temporary Internet Files to store web pages, pictures and other files.

By marking this option, you delete all files in directory Cookies. Cookies can contain sensitive data, for example passwords for access to various internet pages but also information from visited web servers.

System Temporary Directory
This item enables you to shred all files and directories placed in temporary directory of the system. To shred the temporary system files is used the path to the directory that is defined by system parameter TMP. If the system variable does not exist, then is used the system parameter defined as TEMP.

Recycle Bin
This item serves for shredding of the bin content of Windows system. The bin can contain sensitive and secret data and that is why it is recommended to use only the application TrustPort DataShredder for deleting the bin content.

Internet History
This item enables you to shred internet history. Internet history contains information about visited internet pages, written addresses to the address line of Internet Explorer and eventually other information.

Document History
This item serves for shredding of recently opened documents. The list of recently opened documents can be found in item Documents of Start menu.

Run history
This item enables shredding of all records of all programs that have been run in the item Run in menu Start. For correct changes we recommend to restart the system Windows once the deleting process is finished.

Wipe now
When you press this button, the process of shredding itself is started. As parameters for shredding will be used settings selected on the page Configuration. To start the shredding process you must always choose at least one item.

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