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Question: How can I shred disk with TrustPort DataShredder? Which possibilities offers TrustPort DataShredder for users?

Answer: Run some window manager e.g. Windows Explorer, Total Commander,... Select some drive, push the right button of the mouse and the shell context menu appears. In this menu is a new item TrustPort DataShredder and inside this item are three possible actions: Shred data on the disk, Shred free space and Shred whole disk. The first method shreds all data on the selected disk, the second method shreds only the free space on the selected disk and the third method shreds all data and free space on this disk.

Question: Can I select multiple files and shred them with TrustPort DataShredder?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. Select multiple files in some window manager e.g. Windows Explorer, Total Commander,... and push the right button of the mouse. The shell context menu appears and select TrustPort DataShredder item. Do not worry if TrustPort DataShredder views Open dialog to enter a report file name. It depends on settings in TrustPort DataShredder Configuration tab.

Question: What about already deleted files? Can I shred those files?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. If you have files in Recycle Bin already, you can use possibility shredding Recycle Bin by TrustPort DataShredder in Wipe tab. If you have not files in Recycle Bin yet, you can use the possibility Shred free space in the shell context menu TrustPort DataShredder item of disk.

Question: Data Shredder uses three methods of shredding, which method is the best?

Answer: Yes, TrustPort DataShredder offers Quick method, Standard U.S. DoD method and Peter Gutmannīs method. It is hard to say which is better. The first method is the faster because it has only 1 shredding cycle but it is the worst from the security point of view. The latest method is the slowest because it has 35 shredding cycles but is the best from the security point of view. As a good compromise (default used) there is the second method, which uses 7 shredding cycles. This method will be worse than the third one from the security point of view and better than the first one.

Question: How can I securely shred Recycle Bin or temporary files?

Answer: You need to run TrustPort DataShredder from Start menu or from the TrustPort Tray. In first tab select all items which you want to shred and click Wipe now button.

Question: Can I securely shred the whole harddisk, where I have current operating system?

Answer: Yes, it is possible but this software uses Windows devices to work and this it is not a safe situation; this software does not guarantee that the harddisk will be shredded all right. For this purpose TrustPort, a.s. offers program TrustPort DiscShredder, which shreds securely your harddisk.

Question: How can I get to the latest version of TrustPort DataShredder?

Answer: Visit our web pages .

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