Product overview and key features


The TrustPort DataShredder is a small utility for secure unrecoverable deletion of your electronic data. You can easily delete your sensitive files, folders and drives forever.

It is possible to wipe files, folders, free space on drives, Cookies, Internet temporary files, Recycle Bin and System temporary directory. Further, it is also possible to delete Internet history, Document history and Run history.

Key features

  • Support of Microsoft's operating systems (Windows 2000 and higher).
  • Implemented U.S. wiping standard released by NSA with document number DoD 5220.22-M.
  • Implemented Peter Gutmann's wiping method which is suggested as the method with 35 passes.
  • Possibility to generate report file with detailed list of deleted files.
  • Shell context menu integration (Files/Folders/Drives).
  • Possibility to wipe various system caches and histories.
  • Unrecoverable deletion of file/folder names, sizes and locations on the drives.
  • Possibility to wipe various system caches, histories, files and folders on the command line.

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