TrustPort DataShredder in Shell context menu

TrustPort DataShredder is fully integrated with the shell context menu and in this way it supports files/folders and drives the wiping. After TrustPort DataShredder installation it appears as "TrustPort DataShredder" new option in the shell context menu displayed in any file manager upon right mouse click on any file or folder. This allows to wipe a file, a folder or a folder structure. The shell context menu will display one of the following possibilities at a letter indicating a disk by the "TrustPort DataShredder" option: "Shred data on the disk", "Shred free space" and "Shred the whole drive" items, which combines both of the previous options.

If you select a drive, click the right mouse button and run any command from TrustPort DataShredder item, you will be asked for confirmation. It is recommended to close all applications while you wipe the free space on the drive or all data on the drive.

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