Data shredding

When you wipe data, the standard "copy" dialog design is used. In this dialog, you can see what TrustPort DataShredder does. Progress counter shows percentage of current file processing. Under this progress counter, a special text is displayed. This text shows current and total number of passes. Total number of passes corresponds with the selected wiping method. Each method has its number of passes which must be effected to reach the desired results.

Most of operations which TrustPort DataShredder does can be interrupted by user. This interruption can be done by clicking the Cancel button in the dialog.

Every file or folder that you want to wipe must be confirmed. For the confirmation, this dialog is used.

By buttons clicking you can affect the next operations. If you select "Yes", then this file/folder can be wiped and for the next file/folder the dialog will be showed again. This feature can be disabled by clicking the "Yes to all" button. Button named "No" skips this file. By click the "Cancel" button, you can terminate the wiping process. When wiped file/folder has any attributes, this dialog is displayed, too.

If the file is kept by another application, while you want to wipe it, the similar dialog as the previous one is displayed. But this dialog has buttons named "Abort", "Retry", "Ignore", and "Ignore to all". When you select "Abort", the wiping process will be terminated. After clicking the "Retry" button, TrustPort DataShredder tries to wipe the file again. Buttons "Ignore" and "Ignore to all" skip the file or all kept files.

After every wiping process, the result window is displayed.

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