Product overview and key features

TrustPort Disk Protection is a progressive software application that creates a new virtual disk on your computer. The work with a virtual disk is the same as work with any other logical drive. All data stored in this virtual disk are transparently encrypted and during reading or copying from this drive are automatically decrypted. Transparent encryption works automatically without user's assistance. When operating system crashes or a power failure occurs, then no data are avoided. All the data are continuously encrypted on the image.

  • Transparent encryption of the data.
  • Easy to use, you have to create an image file only and plug it in.
  • Strong hard disk encryption to protect your data.
  • You can store an image file anywhere on your hard drive, on the network or in any removable media.
  • Images located on the network can be shared between more users. But only the user who mounts the image as first can decide, if the image will be mounted as read and write or read-only access. If he decides to mount it for read and write then the the others will have no access to this image. Otherwise all users will have read-only access to the mounted image.
  • Image files can be automatically mounted during Windows start up and automatically unmounted after a period of time, when computer goes to sleep or pressing a special key combination.
  • Disk Protection remembers all mounted images and mounting parameters in the recent image list and allows quick selecting and mounting of these images. Interactive management of them is also available.
  • You can search for Disk Protection images on the local drive or network.
  • TrustPort Disk Protection automatically chooses the optimal file system according to the image size. Available file systems are FAT 12, FAT16 and FAT32.
  • The possibility to create additional user accounts in each image file for sharing the data.
  • It contains an application aligned to checking and repairing damaged image files.

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