Image Editor

TrustPort Disk Protection Image Editor is a user friendly utility that joins most of images management functionality. The user can easily create a new image, mount and unmount an opened image or do administration operations as creating a new account in the image, set a password for a user account and more.

Disk Protection defines three types of user privileges:

  • a normal user,
  • a read-only user and
  • an administrator
  • .

All the users can mount and unmount the image but read-only users have granted only restricted reading access to the image. It means that they cannot write any data to the mounted disk. A user with administrator's privilege can manage other user accounts, set-up their privileges, set a password for all user accounts, change size limit of the image and more.

Image Editor comes with a modern and easy to use design. It allows users to use most functions from the application toolbar or context menu where are collected frequently used user accounts functions. Next component is status bar where you can see an image status (green light represents unmounted and red light mounted state) and the name of the authenticated account.

Create a new image

You can easily create a new image file and then manage it. To do this click 'New image' at toolbar. Disk Protection opens Create New Image Wizard . This wizard helps you create a new image in few steps. As soon as Create Wizard finishes image creation, this new image is automatically opened in the Image Editor. This option is available only when you don't have any other image file opened. If you have, then it is necessary to close it before.

Open an image

This function allows user to open an existing image and manage it. When you select this function, standard opening dialog appears and you can select an image file. This dialog remembers the location of the last opened image and automatically navigates to this location. When you are opening an image file for the first time, then installation folder location is used. You can also choose an image file from the list of recently opened images. It is not important if the opening image is currently mounted. But opening functionality is disabled when you have already opened an image file. If you want to open another one, then you have to close it before.

Close image

It closes currently opened image. It isn't important if this image is already mounted. If no image is opened, this option is disabled.

Mount / Unmount image

Mount/Unmount image functionality allows user to mount/unmount currently opened image. It is not necessary to enter your credentials again because Image Editor remebers the credentials you've entered while opening the image. If you mount the opened image, mounting operation will be disabled and unmounting operation will be enabled at the same time and conversely. It's impossible to use these operations when no image is opened.

Set size limit

Each image that you have created has a small amount of size as reserve. It can be used when you realize that your disk is nearly full and you need some more space to store your data. In this case it is possible to increase this image until this limit. The size of the reserve depends on the size of the image and the file system used in this image. See Set Image Limit for details.

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