Unmount options

On this page you can setup some Disk Protection options . The first of them is auto-unmounting option. You can generally enable or disable this functionality by setting auto-unmount ing time. When you don't do any operation with any mounted drives during this time period then Disk Protection automatically unmounts all mounted images.

You can choose if Disk Protection has to automatically unmount all mounted images when computer goes to sleep.

The second functionality you can setup on this page is force unmount. If you have mounted an image and opened some document in this image, then system has to close this document when it is going to unmount this image. When this situation occurs, Disk Protection displays a warning message and asks you for closing affected applications. If you check 'Allow forcible unmounting of all mounted disks', Disk Protection will not ask you for closing all affected applications and unmounts the image by force. If you select 'Don't ask before unmounting' option then Disk Protection will not display any warning message.

Beware! Force unmount can cause an unsaved data lose, therefore use this optins cautiously!

You can also setup a hotkey for quick unmounting all currently mounted disks when pressed.

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