Mount/Unmount opened image

An opened image file can be mounted without necessity to enter your credentials again. The mounting letter is chosen automatically in this case.

The number of available disk letters is limited to 26 (A-Z). If there is no available letter in the system for mounting an image, mounting operation will fail.
The image that is going to be mounted mustn't be compressed or encrypted by the NTFS file system. If Disk Protection detects that the mounting image is compressed then decompresses it automatically.
If the image file is encrypted by the EFS then Disk Protection displays a warning message and mounting procedure is cancelled. In this case you have to decrypt it manually.

The mounted image can be unmounted at any time by clicking Unmount button in the toolbar or pressing proper keyboard shortcut (see hotkeys for detailed description). There is an exception when the mounted image cannot be unmounted. It can occur if there are some opened files in the mounted drive. You can modify this behaviour by setting up the force unmounting option. But be carefull setting this option because you can lose your data in non saved documents in this case.

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