Set Image Limit

Each image that you have created has a small amount of size as reserve. It can be usable when you realize that you disk is nearly full and you need some more space to store your data. In this case it is possible to increase this image until this limit. The size of reserve depends on size of the image and file system used in this image.

Required disk size File System Reserve
From 5 MB to 8 MB inclusive FAT12 10 % of disk size + 1 MB
From 8 MB to 256 MB inclusive FAT16 10 % of disk size + 4 MB
Over 256 MB FAT32 10 % of disk size + 20 MB

If you create a virtual disk with 512 MB of size then it will use FAT32 file system and you will be able to increase the limit until 512 MB + 51 MB + 20 MB what is 583 MB. This number is called the maximum limit and cannot be exceeded.

This function is available for authenticated account with administrator privileges.

This function is available when this image file is not currently mounted. If is, then is necessary to unmount it first and try it again.

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