Disk Protection Quick Launch

This easy and comfortable application runs in Windows tray and allows you to quickly launch any Disk Protection application. It allows users to run images managing tool, mounting/unmounting images, changing options, etc. Disk Protection uses the standard TrustPort suite tray application.

TrustPort tray is automatically started during Windows logon. If you want to use it, click left or right mouse button on its icon in Windows tray and Quick Launch menu appears. Standard Quick Lauch menu for Disk Protection contains the following items:

  • New image item can start Create Wizard that helps you to easily create a new image.
  • Mount item serves to run Quick mount , which allows you to mount an image. Underneath this item you can also find a list of recently monted images from which you can quickly select.
  • Unmount serves for unmounting currently mounted disks in the system. You can choose Unmount all item to unmount all currently mounted images or select a disk from the list of mounted images.
  • Edit image item starts Image Editor, which allows you to manage images.
  • Manage allows you to manage auto-mount and recent mount lists as well as search for image files on the local disk or a network.
  • Configuration item opens the configuration window, where you can set-up Disk Protection options.
  • About item displays About the application box.
  • Exit item closes Quick Launch.

Disk Protection Quick Launch also collects all classic Windows shortcuts located in Shortcuts/DiskProtection folder in your installation directory. You can add other shortcuts to this folder or modify existing if you want.

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